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grand parents

RAZE Original Hot Sauce

began in Pico, California in the early 1930's. Our grandparents, Ray and Evelyn created this incredibly delicious recipe in their tiny kitchen while raising two young sons, during the Great Depression. They loved to cook and prepare nourishing and appetizing meals. Living in Southern California, amongst their European and Hispanic neighbors, they were culturally influenced by unique ways to spice up otherwise drab food.

Through many trials, Ray and Evelyn experimented with different types of peppers, spices and essential ingredients until their hot sauce was created.

Our family has been enjoying this amazing recipe which has become a staple for all our family feasts. For over eighty-five years and three generations later, we are so excited to share their unique and spicy recipe with you!

A tribute to our grandparentsʼ love for family, good times and memorable meals.